As a veterinary professional, do you say to yourself daily . . .

✓ Why can’t I get more done in a day? Each day is more hectic than the next.

✓ I’m SO frustrated and know there MUST be an easier way.

✓ I want our hospital to generate more money and retain more clients, but I don’t know how.

Wendy’s Communication Training Will:

Build Team Collaboration

Your team is your business.  If they can’t effectively communicate, they are frustrated, you are frustrated and your clients walk out the door.  Communication training ends that frustration and builds collaboration so you can work and win together.

Grow Your Practice

Communication skills are vital to your practice.  If your hospital team can’t communicate well with each other, daily tasks like scheduling take over and you can’t see as many patients.  Be a more efficient, profitable, and collaborative healthcare team.

Get Your Time Back

Wendy’s communication skills training will have your hospital running so smoothly that you will be able to see more clients, help more pets feel their very best, and you may even find time to have an extra cup of coffee.

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Doctors are booked weeks ahead. How can your hospital meet this demand?  How can your team save its sanity?

Customize your communication training experience:

Front Desk Hacks for Veterinary Offices

Online Training

Give your team critical communication skills in just minutes a day.

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Onsite Training Events

Create a customized training plan with Wendy for your team.

Live communication training Events

Upcoming Events

Come learn from Wendy live at these events.

What Our Clients Say

Wendy’s communication-skills training lead to more case acceptance in our specialty dental practice

“We cannot thank Wendy enough for the training she provided to make Veterinary Dentistry Specialists truly a five-star practice. Her professionalism, knowledge, and leadership helped us forge a culture built around exceptional communication skills, which has boosted employee morale and lead to increased client conversion and retention. Wendy is part of our team, and we can't wait to have her back.”

Wendy Can Elevate Any Clinic

“Wendy's practical and real-life approach touched the right points with staff at our three hospitals. She has an incredible way to have everyone experience aha moments of “I can do that," "That would help my clients,” and "Why didn't I think of that?" She provides an energizing approach that sticks with employees. Wendy is an incredible partner who can elevate any size or type clinic.”

Our one-doctor practice averages 65 new clients a month

“Our team has been using Wendy Myers’ webinars since 2015 and has never stopped. Following her methods, we have created an environment where pet parents appreciate our services and tell others. Our one-doctor practice in rural Mississippi averages 65 new clients a month. We have strong word-of-mouth referrals because of the service concepts that Wendy teaches our team. Thank you, Wendy Myers!

Recorded webinars allow us to train new team members quickly, leading to increased revenue

“Wendy has provided our team with practical skills that have led to increased patient visits and the ability to better interact with pet owners in exam rooms. Recorded webinars allow us to train new team members so they quickly become effective communicators, leading to increased revenue.”

After hearing Wendy speak at a conference . . .

“. . . , I was excited to learn she has so many online resources. Our staff has utilized her online training, and everyone can benefit from her various courses. Wendy is hands down the best in communication, and we use her techniques daily!”

Since 2010, Wendy Myers has been my staff training go-to.

Her simple yet effective training tools, tips, and scripts make it easy and understandable for our staff to implement. Our improved communication has resulted in client retention and recruitment. These upward trends have contributed to our revenue growth during the last 8 years.”

Wendy teaches our team to enhance client experiences and provides practical strategies to grow our practice

Wendy’s vast experience, along with her exceptional ability to connect with people, makes her an excellent consultant and coach. Through her monthly webinars, Wendy teaches our team to enhance client experiences and provides practical strategies to grow our practice.”

Wendy's onsite training was invaluable to our startup team . . .

. . . whether employees had years of experience or were new to the profession. Her guidance was comprehensive, simple in its application, and yet profound in its effectiveness and benefit to daily operations. The opportunity to learn from and work with Wendy was a true pleasure!”

Wendy's training is the missing piece to a successful veterinary business.

“After our staff began using Wendy’s webinars, I told her she had developed the missing piece to a
successful veterinary business. Her training is changing the language of how we offer our services. The
results have been key to our success.”

How it works

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Purchase the course. Complete the training and receive your continuing education certificate.

Watch your practice and confidence grow.