How To Explain You Charge For Day Admissions

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A client has a work deadline and her dog needs a checkup. She asks to leave the dog with you for the day to deliver services. When the day admission is for the client’s convenience, charge a one- to 12-hour hospitalization or day boarding fee. To explain the charge, say, “We’d be happy to provide services for your pet’s checkup as a day admission. For 15 minutes, you will meet with a nurse, who will ask you history questions, get your pet’s vital signs and review which services and products are due. We will get your cell phone number in case the doctor has questions when the services are delivered. You may pick up your dog after 5 p.m. Because we will care for your pet throughout the day, there is a day admission charge of $___. Let’s schedule your day admission appointment with a nurse. We can admit your dog at 8 a.m. or 8:30 a.m. Which fits your schedule?”

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