Call Client’s Who Don’t Refill

Phone Skills Friday

Have receptionists call clients to schedule the heartworm test and other services that are due so you may refill preventatives.

“This is <name> with <Your Veterinary Hospital>. I’m calling because <pet name’s> prescription for heartworm preventatives has expired. We want to protect <pet name> from deadly heartworms. We need to perform a heartworm test so we may refill the prescription. This is a 10-minute nurse appointment. We’ll have the test result within minutes and can refill <pet name’s> medication at the same time. We can see <pet name> at 3 p.m. Monday or 4 p.m. Tuesday. Which do you prefer?” Use the two-yes-options technique to guide client compliance rather than the yes-or-no choice of “Do you want to schedule an appointment for a heartworm test?”

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