Lead clients to book overdue pets

Phone Skills


By Wendy S. Myers, CVJ, President, Communication Solutions for Veterinarians

Did you know a dog owner will spend $700 annually on preventive care while a cat owner will invest $600? Having your client care team call clients about overdue pets DAILY will have a significant impact on patient care and hospital revenue. Here’s what they should say and why. 

When you call clients about pets that are overdue for preventive checkups, lead them to schedule now with a yes-or-yes choice. Say, “This is <name> calling for the doctors at <Your Veterinary Hospital>. <Pet name> is now overdue for his preventive exam, vaccines, diagnostic testing, and preventatives. We’re worried about his health. When is a convenient time for you to come in for an appointment this week? The doctor can see you at 3 p.m. Thursday or 9 a.m. Friday. Which do you prefer?” 

Let me break down the power words in this script: 

1. “For the doctors” brings credibility and authority to the call, showing veterinarians are genuinely concerned about the pet’s health.  

2. “We’re worried about his health” is a call to action because the pet could now be exposed to parasites and diseases due to overdue care.  

3. “When” followed by two appointment choices is stronger than the yes-or-no option of “Do you want to schedule?”